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Myra Set of 2

Myra Set of 2

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Accents that Make You Wonder...

These accents are a fresh new way of decorating your house in a minimal classic manner. 'What are these men thinking about? Are they questioning the nature of Existence? Contemplating the deeper meaning of Life? Reflecting on actions past and conditions present? Or simply introspecting?


Every individual can have their own perspective and outlook towards these accents. This thinking accent is built for the creative minds. This piece works exceptionally well in study rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Myra Table Accent


Surrealism was and still is a very controversial art form. It gives you a passage to think and imagine various things from a creative perspective. This creative freedom makes Surrealism a fluid art form. Typically, this art is to express the creativity of the unconscious mind.

One of the easiest ways to recognize a surrealist artwork is to see if it has an element of surprise in it. The artworks have unexpected juxtapositions (create a comparison), and you may observe certain visual puns. A lot of surreal artworks exhibit disoriented figures and shapes, child-like designs, or portrayal of taboo subjects.



  • Dimensions: L-12 cm, W - 11.5 cm , H - 37 cm
  • L-10.5 cm, W - 10 cm , H - 28 cm
  • Material: Resin
  • Finish: Smooth Stone
  • Color options: Golden Blue

  • High-quality resin molding technique
  • Hand-painted
  • Made of high-end materials
  • Contrasting accents create an elegant look


  • It is nice to home office desk decoration figurines craft
  • A great gift for kids or friends birthday, wedding, Christmas, etc.
  • Change up the look of your side table by adding a couple of books and this Surrealist table accent
  • If you want to create an impression right from the start, place these beauties on your foyer table with your bowl of keys
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