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Gracious Buddha Face : Golden

Gracious Buddha Face : Golden

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Buddha, born with the name Siddhartha Gautama, was a teacher, philosopher and spiritual leader who is considered the founder of Buddhism. He lived and taught in the region around the border of modern-day Nepal and India sometime between the 6th to 4th century B.C. 

The name Buddha means 'one who is awakened' or 'the enlightened one.' While scholars agree that Buddha did in fact exist, the specific dates and events of his life are still debated. 

According to the most widely known story of his life, after experimenting with different teachings for years, and finding none of them acceptable, Siddhartha Gautama spent a fateful night in deep meditation beneath a tree. During his meditation, all of the answers he had been seeking became clear, and he achieved full awareness, thereby becoming Buddha.


A perfect fusion of elegance and beauty, this alluring Buddha face will surely catch your guest's attention. This home decor amalgamation consists of a Poly resin  Buddha figurine that will make your home bright and glistening. Gift this charismatic decor to your family & friends as a token of love and peace. This detailed statue of the meditating Buddha face imparts peace and serenity upon its immediate surroundings.

Material : Poly Resin

Dimension: 24x15x12 CM

Color: Golden

Box Content: 1 Buddha Head

Care: Wipe with soft cloth


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