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King of Jungle Tiger Figurine

King of Jungle Tiger Figurine

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The beautiful, awe-inspiring tiger is one of our planet’s most iconic animals. But here’s the shocking truth. Wild tiger numbers dropped by more than 95% since the beginning of the 20th century. Now, for the first time in conservation history, their numbers are on the increase.

In recent years, conservation work and the commitment of various governments has halted the decline in global tiger numbers. But there’s a lot more work to do.


Tigers used to roam across most of Asia, but now they’re restricted to just 7% of their original range, in isolated forests and grasslands across 13 countries.


As top predators, tigers help to keep their environment healthy.

It’s the way things naturally work in the wild – the predators prey on other animals, in this case herbivores (plant-eaters) such as deer. But without enough tigers to eat them, herbivores can overgraze and damage the land, disrupting the balance of the local environment. 

Local people also depend on a healthy environment for food, water and lots of other resources. By helping protect tigers we’re also helping look after the places where they live, which is good for all the people and wildlife sharing that environment.


Give motivation , Preserve Tiger and Spread awareness by bringing Majestic Tiger Showpiece for your Living Room, Table Accent,Gift,Office and More. Made by our professional karigars with lots of effort and hard work.

Dimensions:  Length: 31cm, Breadth: 7 cm, Height: 15cm, cm.

Material: Resin.

Weight 300-500 Grams. Hand-cast with crushed stone and bonded with resin. Available colors: Black ,White,Golden Colors

Care: Wipe with soft cloth


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