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The Feng Shui Horse Abstract with Wooden base (Metallic)

The Feng Shui Horse Abstract with Wooden base (Metallic)

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The Symbolic Meaning Behind Keeping Horses at Home:

Horses are known for their strength, loyalty, and grace. They are also associated with freedom, independence, and courage. The horse symbolises the power of the spirit and the ability to overcome obstacles.

In Native American culture, the horse is considered a sacred animal that represents the connection between humans and nature. The horse is also believed to be a messenger from the spirit world, bringing messages of wisdom and guidance.

In Chinese culture, horses are a symbol of success and good luck. The Chinese zodiac has a year of the horse, and those born in this year are believed to be energetic, loyal, and hardworking. In feng shui, the horse is often used as a symbol of power and strength. A painting or sculpture of a horse is believed to bring good fortune and success.

Dimensions: L - 32 cm, W - 10 cm H - 22 cm


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