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The Man with the Pose - Set of 3

The Man with the Pose - Set of 3

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The Story of the Man with the Pose:

The man with the pose is a skilled photographer who has made a name for himself by capturing candid moments that tell a story. His ability to connect with his subjects and capture their natural beauty and personality is what sets him apart. He has a knack for capturing the perfect moment, one that tells a story and evokes emotion.

Growing up, the man with the pose was always fascinated by photography. He would spend hours taking photos of anything and everything, experimenting with different angles and lighting. As he got older, he realized that photography was more than just a hobby - it was his passion. He started taking photos professionally and quickly gained a reputation for his ability to capture candid moments that told a story.

Dimensions :-

W - 12cm , H - 28cm L - 14cm

W - 10cm , H - 29cm L - 14cm

W - 15cm , H - 31cm L - 16cm


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